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Private Food History Tour

Person All Ages
Private Food Tour - 16 people Good for up to 16 people

Chefs are the new rock stars and this tour is a delicious journey through New Orleans and Louisiana’s rich culinary history!

Down here we’re passionate about eating, so along with your guide you will visit up to 5 locations: classic Creole restaurants, neighborhood sandwich shops, hot sauce bars, artisanal candy stores and more. Once inside you’ll sample different foods that represent the breadth and diversity of our culinary heritage: dishes like gumbo, boudin, muffulettas, po-boys, pralines and much more.

We cover New Orleans’ various restaurant family dynasties, we discuss recipes old and new, we recommend places to eat and places to shop. And with so many dining options in New Orleans, why not try 5 different places in one fell swoop?!

The 3-hour walking tour is conducted at a leisurely pace. Most of the restaurant stops feature fully stocked bars if you’d like to enjoy a cold beverage (adult or otherwise!) during the tour.