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Private Cocktail History Tour (21+)

Private tour - Cocktail History For groups up to 16 people. Everyone must be 21+

Forget Hand Grenades and Hurricanes, this tour goes beyond Bourbon Street!

Join Doctor Gumbo Tours on a journey through New Orleans’ historic and fascinating history of cocktails, and sample them along the way. Find out where the Brandy Crusta was invented, get the real scoop on absinthe, learn the origins of the Sazerac and discover hidden gems where locals have been imbibing for centuries. Each stop will feature a historic cocktail prepared by multiple award-winning mixologists, and your guide will give you the history behind them! Expect to visit 4 venues including 3rd Block Depot, the Bourbon “O” Jazz Bar and Peychaud’s!

The last bar, formerly under the direction of the most published author on cocktail-related books in the world, is a Mecca for craft cocktail enthusiasts and features live, local music at 8pm!